Top 9 Habits Inhibiting You From Being Successful

Top 9 Habits Inhibiting You From Being Successful

You have clear goals with clearly set timeliness, but you lack the focus and discipline necessary for the implementation of your blueprint. You are not alone. Many people face endless distractions in their pursuits.

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Successful people, however, found a way of construing their thoughts to one target. They acquired one key ingredient; focus. There are, however, many impediments to success, but mainly are our habits that we either are not aware of, or we procrastinate to get over them.

These Are the Mains Habits That May Be Derailing Your Dreams

1. Waking Up Late

People who wake up late tend to be in a rush as they start their activities later in the day. The limited time makes it challenging to allocate time to essential tasks sufficiently. Waking up late also results in being unproductive and incomplete tasks. Successful people wake up early, exercise, and meditate.

2. Smartphone Addiction

The millennial generation is struggling with phone addiction, in every other minute you will meet a young man glued to his phone. Young people cannot go through 30 minutes without scrolling aimlessly through their phones.

Smartphone addiction is one of the most unproductive behaviors as once you are so into your phone, you lose the essential quality needed for success today; focus.

Nowadays it is ubiquitous in finding people glued to their phones whenever you walk into a social place. We are misusing the bonding time, instead of building networks and friendships.

3. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is either excessive use of alcohol or any other drugs. I once had an alcohol addiction, and it was one of my most difficult times. I would skip work on Saturday as a result of a hangover.

Abuse of drugs either results to stress or irresponsible behavior such as overspending, bad relationships, and reduced productivity at work.

4. Procrastination

When we acquire a habit of not doing tasks timely, we gradually turn into failures. Procrastinating is one of the worst diseases ever to attack humankind.

Achievers are doers. They undertake tasks in order of priority, and all essential functions listed in order of preference.

Procrastination arises from either laziness or boredom. It is a habit that you need to overcome to have any slim chance of success.

5. Watching Television

Television is a killer of creativity, and it is also time to consume. People who watch a lot of Television are either lazy or losers. I learned from one motivational video that it is poor people who watch TV as they are either not busy.

When you watch TV a lot, note that you are watching people out there who are working or are already successful. Strive and use your time to be the person to be viewed.

6. Unhealthy Eating Habits

Successful people are very keen on what on their diets. They know that they need to have fit bodies to be able to undertake more tasks and work more extended hours.

Fast foods are not suitable for efficiency and proper brain functioning.

7. Overspending

Overspending is one of the worst habits, and the hardest to stop. Successful people are known to spend less than they earn. They learned the art of savings before committing to any expenditures; overspending will leave you in debts and more frustrated. You will go from paycheck to paycheck.

The key is learning how to prepare a budget, prioritizing savings, and using the savings to build new sources of income. In our age, information on budgeting is all over the internet. You can also seek the services of a Financial Advisor for better management of your cash.

8. Negative Thinking

Negative people grow a habit of never seeing value in anything. They are the worst critics, and they see darkness where there is sunshine. In any endeavor, they provide a million reasons of how an initiative is doomed to fail.

If you are such kind of a person, then you need to seek counseling or self-analysis. You need to change your attitude for the sake of yourself and those whom you create a negative impact.

If you have friends who are ever negative, then possibly you need a new set of friends. Seek friends who will critically point you’re your weakness and are ready to help you grow.

9.Lack of Goals and Purpose

If you lack goals, then you are doomed to fail. You need to have a clear set of goals, with defined timeliness. You also need to track the implementation of your goals progressively, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Goals will give you a sense of direction. Goals will be your footpath to success. As you achieve any set goal, you will find that your confidence levels will go up, and you will have the courage to pursue higher goals.

Success demands discipline and focus. Our bad habits are our major distractions, identifying them and committing to eliminate them, however long it may take, is the crucial step for our growth and betterment.

Bad habits can be reduced mostly by learning and gradually replacing them with positive habits. For example, you can create a plan of consistently waking up early for a morning jog. Reward yourself whenever you can track a positive direction in overcoming the bad habits.

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